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So I thought for today’s post I would tell you about Do-Rite Donuts. It’s one of the newer donut shops downtown in the loop. I rode to work with the hubs early one morning last week. He was meeting a friend at the shop and I was headed next door to the dreaded DMV (boo) to get a new license with my new married name on it (yay!).

Do-Rite is on Randolph just west of Dearborn. It’s one block north of Daley Plaza and sees a ton of foot traffic. The shop is open during weekdays and mainly serves the commuting crowd who pass by on their way to work. They are open at 6:30 and close when they run out. Interesting business concept huh? Creating your own demand essentially. (and just found out they are open Saturdays now too!) Anyways it’s a little tiny shop with a red awning. It’s got this cute vintage logo that I think really enhances the idea that donuts are the true all-American treat.

A big plus is that the line is not nearly as long as The Doughnut Vault (which sometimes is up to an hour, haven’t brought myself to do that yet). And what little line there is at Do-Rite, moves really quickly. They have a large array of donuts behind he counter that literally will leave you standing there with mouth open and drooling. There are wide variety of flavors and specials will leave you speechless. Let me inspire you…

Strawberry Rhubarb Bullseye
Pistachio Lemon
Chai Spice
Orange Rosemary
Coffee and Cream
Carrot Cake
Carmelized Pineapple Rum
Coconut Custard
Candied Maple Bacon

They also have your standard old fashioned (my hubby’s favorite, he claims Do-Rite has the best old fashioned he’s ever encountered), jelly (my favorite), glazed, and fritter. But wait it doesn’t end there… they have gluten free too! Which I think is genius. There are so many people I know who recently found out they are allergic to gluten. There is a definite market for more gluten free food options. They don’t come in as many sassy flavors but they have strawberry banana and blueberry almond… Hmm sounds healthier, maybe I should go for one of those instead something like candied bacon or coconut custard! 

On their homepage they mention that they make donuts fresh every hour to ensure you get the best tasting donut!  They also mention they only make 36 per batch which I assume is to make sure they are made to perfection.

They also offer $1 coffee with any donut purchase. I myself am not a coffee drinker, but for those who are, what a great deal!

Clockwise from top left: Maple Bacon, Lemon Poppyseed, Boston Creme with Toasted Almond, Cinnamon Crunch, Jelly, Carrot Cake

For my first donut at Do-Rite I chose the carrot cake. I absolutely love carrot cake.

Looks delicious huh?  The frosting was AHHH-mazing.  Like the real cream cheese frosting they put on actual carrot cake.  Then sprinkled with carrot shavings and walnuts.  I wasn’t all that impressed with the donut itself… at first.  Seemed like a regular cakey, tasty donut. I inspected further into the donut and noticed that there were actual carrots baked inside.  Blew my mind.  This is was probably one of the best donuts I have ever had! Yum!

I also got to taste the old fashioned.  And I agree with Just, best old fashioned ever.  I like it much better than the one I tried at Glazed and Infused (another new Chicago donut shop) because it’s not as sweet. You don’t want sugar overload because then you can’t enjoy all the other flavors it has.

I took a small bite of one of the donuts with a huge chunk of chocolate glaze on top. I don’t know the official name of it but I wanted to call it chocolate ganache. Gosh that chocolate was just ridiculous. Drooling all over again.


All in all, my review is MUST GO!  You have to check this place out.  It’s our #1 donut place right now.  And if you can’t justify eating a donut that early.  Jog to the shop.  That should cancel the calories out.

Here is hubs standing in front of the shop with Do-Rite’s large Donut statue.  So cute. So him.

I am hoping to review some more shops on the blog soon. Look for more to come!

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