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Spokes and sprinkles, cute right?  I thought so.  But I definitely cannot take the credit since my darling and creative friend Emilia came up with it.  She’s a wedding photographer and avid blogger.  She’s inspired my blogging desire and has some awesome daily posts, plus her photography is stunning.  Check out her site Emilia Jane.

So if you haven’t figured it out yet, my husband and I love bikes and donuts.  These are 2 passions that Just is crazy about, and now they, of course, have rubbed off on me too.  Donuts, as you know, are a classic American pastry that pretty much everyone should love (even if your on a diet, you have to splurge on them once in a while, or seemingly for us too often).  And spokes are part of a bike wheel, they are those metal toothpick sized rods that connect to the hub of the wheel.  And fun fact those spokes don’t push outward they actually pull the rim inward at an equal distance towards the hub (the center part of the wheel), which makes the wheel incredibly strong.  Spokes are created using a lot of mathematical calculations to ensure the wheel is equally balanced and can hold the same amount of weight all the way around.  

Anyways, we love road cycling and riding bikes in general, actually it’s the reason we met and started dating in the first place.  I’ll have to share that story with you sometime.  I thought what better way to share life with people than through the lens of our favorite hobbies, donuts and cycling.  Someday hopefully they won’t just be hobbies…