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So this weekend I went to visit my grandma out in the suburbs. She lives about an hour from our apartment in the city. It was a challenging but good visit. She’s been not feeling well lately because of the radiation she’s needed to beat her cancer. It has made her weaker and more tired but all in all she’s holding up really well. Like really, she’s a trooper. And I just love her. Let me tell you a little about my grandma, Martha, or as her friends call her, Marty.

She helped raise me when I was in grade school. My mom was in full-time graduate school at Northwestern and was working her tail off. My grandma used to take me to all my activities… Soccer, choir practice, acting camp, horseback riding, and the dentist (had to go there a lot because my teeth were pretty crooked). I was a busy little bee as a kid and she always got me from A to B.  She fed me lots of good food and treats and even let me sneak in some snacks before dinner. I also know that I get my major sweet tooth from her.  She makes the most amazing dessert, cookies, and bars, you just can’t resist. Another thing I distinctly remember about my grandma is all the sewing she used to do.  She used to make and alter tons of clothes. I think when she was younger she even used to make her own clothes and some of her children’s clothes (not 100% on that, will have to ask her… all I know is she had tons and tons of sewing patterns for all different sorts of clothing).  One years she made me and my cousins matching PJs for Christmas, I’ll have to dig out the picture from my mom’s house sometime, we look so darn cute. In addition to her knack for cooking and sewing she was really the backbone of the family. She kept everyone together and everything moving.

Grandma, Justin, me, and my mom
Roya Jade Photography

Over the past few years she’s gotten away from sewing clothes and has started quilting.  She made me a quilt before I left for college.  It got a lot of love over those 4 years. Now as I’ve moved on, grown up, and gotten married, she’s made me another quilt, for another stepping stone in my life.  A wedding quilt.  It’s absolutely gorgeous and not to mention it’s her most complicated quilt.  Something like 1600 pieces she had to put together. It was a very mathematical process and she said it took her back to her days of geometry.

I love it and it’s absolutely perfect.  And how well does it match our 2nd bedroom? She didn’t even know it was blue.

I can’t tell you how much I love and adore family heirlooms and traditions.  I hope that someday this will become a family heirloom and I can share this quilt with my children when they get married. I pray they will adore family history as much as I do.

And Grandma, if you ever read this post (which I don’t think you will because you don’t have the internet), thank you. Thank you x 1,000,000 for being you, for being funny and talented, for raising our family, for helping me be me, and for this lovely wedding quilt that I will forever cherish.  Love you. 🙂