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This past weekend was an eventful one at home in the city.  We had some moments that were totally fun and unexpected but also some deeply difficult moments too.  Here’s a recap:

Tis’ the season for cherries.  These ones absolutely looked mouth watering… unfortunately quite a few went sour.  We are just now discovering that shopping at the local Jewel in the city completely stinks and we are tired of it. Our produce goes bad faster than it should, it’s way over priced, it’s crazy maddness in there with all the people, and the options are slim-pickins.  I decided this week I will embark on shopping at our local hispanic food store for produce. It always looks way better plus you can always find some interesting fruit or veggie you have never heard of.

We made a new discovery, there is fresh mint growing in our back yard!  Seriously who knew!?  We were hesitant at first since we don’t know a whole lot about plants.  I mean really, how terrible would it be if we ate something poisonous?  Finally this weekend we decided to risk it and make mint mojitos, Justin’s favorite mixed drink. We didn’t die or end up in the ER (which is a common theme in the Reeder clan).  They turned out so delicious that we made them twice!

See the mint plants in the background, I swear they grow like weeds.

Justin’s parents and brother came to visit on Saturday night and Sunday.  This was the last weekend we had with Justin’s brother Boo before he returned to base camp. We had so much fun as a family together and experienced a lot of moments of joy.  We had dinner at Wildfire and completely indulged ourselves with filets, scallops, salmon, halibut, and cocktails.  It was delicious. Here’s us after we stuffed our faces.

Sunday morning before church Justin and Boo woke up early to grab (you can only guess…) Donuts!  They road bikes to Glazed and Infused in Wicker Park only to find out the girl opening the shop misplaced the key.  They ended up riding all the way to the location in Fulton’s Market. To say the least, I think they were winded as we were on a bit of a time crunch before heading to church.  We got 7 donuts: 2 old fashioned, 1 rasberry jelly filled, quadruple chocolate, chocolate glazed with chocolate sprinkles, traditional glazed, and my favorite, the apple fritter.  Justin’s parents couldn’t believe for 7 donuts it costs more than 20 dollars, I guess that’s what you get when you live in Chicago and go to the specialty places.  My mother in law says she order 3 dozen donuts for her work sometimes and it only costs her $25. Woah!

We had an amazing church service Sunday.  They last minute decided to have the service outside.  It was perfect!  Our pastor talked about Colossians 4 and the importance of prayer.  I think it home for a lot of us.  For Justin I think it really reinforced the idea of steadfastness in his journey towards getting his CPA.  For me, it was a healthy reminder of how important daily communication with God is.  No matter what it is, God desires to hear our voice and our requests.  Having that constant vertical conversation really brings me back in touch with the Father and what direction He is leading me. For Justin’s family I think it really impacted them and I know Boo’s departure was deeply on their minds. After the service one of our friends and a church elder, Danny, was able to pray over us as a family.  It was really moving and emotional for me.  It’s hard to imagine we won’t see him for a long time and he will be in an unknown place but I am so proud of him for committing to serve us and our country.

After church we headed to Humboldt Park for some frisbee throwing, football catching, volleyball bumping, and dog walking. It was a gorgeous day and so much fun.  We all love being in the sun!


We grabbed a quick lunch at the Boundary and then Boo and his parents were off to the airport.  This was the hard part, saying goodbye.  We gave lots of hugs and said “see you soon”.  It really hit Justin that he wouldn’t see his brother for a long time.  But we both also know that this part of being in the military, you have to serve your time.  We are in deep prayer and thought of him over him as he prepares to leave.  We are praying God really grows Boo and shows him his true identity in Christ while he is away, even though the environment may not be so friendly or welcoming to the idea of Christianity. When life is uncomfortable, it’s always the perfect time to really embrace change and let God work in your heart.  We know God has big plans for Boo and can’t wait to see how it unfolds. We are already excited thinking about when he will arrive home sometime next March.  We are so proud of our brother!  Love you Boo-ey!

Here’s the Reeder boys and Mama G:

And Reeder boys with Rickey D:

Hope you enjoyed this post! Will probably try to do a weekend wrap up each Monday.


Spokes and sprinkles, cute right?  I thought so.  But I definitely cannot take the credit since my darling and creative friend Emilia came up with it.  She’s a wedding photographer and avid blogger.  She’s inspired my blogging desire and has some awesome daily posts, plus her photography is stunning.  Check out her site Emilia Jane.

So if you haven’t figured it out yet, my husband and I love bikes and donuts.  These are 2 passions that Just is crazy about, and now they, of course, have rubbed off on me too.  Donuts, as you know, are a classic American pastry that pretty much everyone should love (even if your on a diet, you have to splurge on them once in a while, or seemingly for us too often).  And spokes are part of a bike wheel, they are those metal toothpick sized rods that connect to the hub of the wheel.  And fun fact those spokes don’t push outward they actually pull the rim inward at an equal distance towards the hub (the center part of the wheel), which makes the wheel incredibly strong.  Spokes are created using a lot of mathematical calculations to ensure the wheel is equally balanced and can hold the same amount of weight all the way around.  

Anyways, we love road cycling and riding bikes in general, actually it’s the reason we met and started dating in the first place.  I’ll have to share that story with you sometime.  I thought what better way to share life with people than through the lens of our favorite hobbies, donuts and cycling.  Someday hopefully they won’t just be hobbies…

Hey All!

Thanks for coming to visit my new blog space! I am super new to the blogging world but am oh, so excited that I can’t hardly stand it.  So the reason I decided to start blogging is because I have read so many of my friend’s posts on the most interesting things: life stories, food, photography, reviews of products, tips & tricks, etc… And I thought to myself what a great way to document life and all the little things that happen in between.  I thought it might be my turn to give it a shot.  My hopes are to feauture my husband and I’s favorite hobbies and loves and also share some of our daily life happenings as newlyweds.  I hope this will also be a way for our family and friends to stay close to us even though we aren’t all in the same state.  So here goes nothin…